Welcome to 24labs

Work close to the beach in an awesome 1.000 square meter office with likeminded tech-people.

Tell me more about 24labs

DKK 3.700/month for an awesome office. Flat rate.

We provide you with everything you need. An iPad-receptionist, foosball, table tennis, coffee, 1gb internet, wifi, conference rooms, electric elevation tables, a great lunch, all the sparkling water you can drink, candy and beers on fridays and staff making sure you have what you need for meetings and in your everyday work.

What you get at 24labs

An awesome office

We have everything a modern office needs; electric tables, coffee, conference facilities, 1Gbit internet, iPad receptionist, lunch service and much more. We even have 3 people hired just to make sure our tenants are happy and the coffee is warm.

Easy parking

It's always easy to find a free parking spot near 24Labs. There's no price for parking, and you can park 24/7 right next to the office. You're of course also very welcome to come here on your bike. That's what most of us do.

Enjoy yourself

We have a great foosball table as well as a much used ping pong table. People are always up for a match, so you'll get a great chance to de-stress in your breaks. You can also go for a walk on the beach, which is right next door.

Invite only

We only invite people we like to actually rent an office at our coworking space. Contact Bo Møller from Twentyfour (Formerly known as HTML24) if you're interested in retning a spot. All new tenants are approved by people already staying at 24Labs before being invited.

The office

An agency running a coworking space

24Labs is a coworking space run by the digital agency, Twentyfour (Formerly known as HTML24). We decided to create a coworking space, because we wanted to move in with our sister-company, EasyPractice. We've invited a few other companies to join (resOS, Eatie & Ekstern CFO among others), and we're always curious to talk with other likeminded people about having them move in. Twentyfour is an agency focused on automating manual tasks through digitization as well as building all kinds of digital stuff. We love everything about technology and now we have a great place for likeminded people to work from.

Location for hackathon or meetup?

We have plenty of space for hackathons and meetups at 24Labs. Are you searching for a location for a gathering? Are you doing a conference? Perhaps you're interested in making a hackathon? We have space, lunch-area, coffee machines and everything else you'll need for such an event.